12 Days of Anime #5: Self Serving Conflict in Psycho Pass

A key component of Psycho Pass is the relationship between the main villain, Makishima, and the secondary protagonist, Kougami. Since I watched Psycho Pass for the first time in Spring, I think I’m going to talk a little about that. But more than just looking at Kougami and Makishima, I am also going to look at Akane. I am going to look at a central scene of hers and explain why her arc is framed as being ‘greater’ than Kougami’s.

(The following will contain pretty major spoilers of Psycho Pass. I don’t go into much plot details, but literally how the show and major scenes end is talked about)

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12 Days of Anime #6: Top Twelve Mayoiga Memes

It wouldn’t be a 12 Days of Anime without me at least including one clickbait-y top ten piece. However, this time, I’ve decided to one up myself. The Lost Village (or Mayoiga as the title alliterates better with that romanisation) , by nature of being the best TV anime to come out this year, deserves something better than that. So we’re gonna have a Top Twelve instead. It’s what Lovepon would have wanted. Beginning in no particular order beyond when I thought of them: Lets begin!

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12 Days of Anime #7: Chibodee Crocket’s Got Four Mums – G Gundam

Continuing on from my previous Gundam pieces, Mobile Fighter G Gundam (or G Gundam for short) is perhaps the most surprising Gundam series I’ve seen thus far. Whilst it’s fair to say that every Gundam has surprised me, since they don’t appear to be those super edgy MAN showcases like wankers on the internet lead me to believe they are, G Gundam in particular stands out. For all it’s ridiculousness and ham, G Gundam turned out to be quite an earnest show. Expressing deep concerns over capitalist meritocracies, the nature of modern war politics, and even the nature of the generation gap. It managed all that and more (If occasionally stepping back before going too far. Not every show can be Utena after all) whilst still retaining the cartoony energy and fun that only a show about mixed martial arts and giant robots can.

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12 Days of Anime #8: Anime is Magic – A Silent Voice

The final film I saw at the Leeds International Film Festival was Kyoto Animation’s ‘A Silent Voice‘. A Silent Voice is quite an anticipated film in the Western anime scene, as of writing this it is on as many people’s MALs as Girls Und Panzer (which isn’t far behind Yuri On Ice!) despite it only having been available to a tiny fraction of that number. I do not have the data to give an accurate reason ‘why’ this is the case,  though it being a Kyoto Animation movie of a popular manga is almost certainly A Thing (It being Naoko Yamada directed film, whilst important, is not something I’d think matters to most people).

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12 Days of Anime #9: Scum’s Wish and being ‘Scum’

A common flaw in personality tests is that they tend to engage in a kind of ‘cold reading‘. The ‘answers’ they give are just the answers you gave it, given a small spin, and focusing on the positive – or what it believes you’d consider the positive – traits that you informed the test you had. When in actuality people, and fictional characters, tend to be a blend of positive, negative and even neutral traits. We all have our weaknesses. The phrase ‘Mary Sue’ is, at least allegedly, a criticism to say that the writer wrote a character with solely positive traits thus making them unrelatable and therefore bad. Scum’s Wish does the opposite. Scum’s Wish defines it’s characters almost entirely by their negative traits. How it does this, I feel, is what makes it brilliant.

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12 Days of Anime #10: How Gundam Build Fighters sold me on Gundam

I’m not a fan of mecha.

If you’d asked me what I thought about Gundam a year or so ago that’s probably what I would have responded with. Yes, I appreciate Neon Genesis Evangelion and Bokurano (at least up to the tonal change) but these few mech shows I liked often had something very different to them. They weren’t the kinds of shows I thought of when you say “mech”. They weren’t a narrative designed to maximise action sequences, and they weren’t incredibly machismo.  I never finished Gunbuster, or started Diebuster (I should rectify this someday). Nor did I finish Gurren Lagann, or felt I was particularly missing out by not doing so. So when my Anime Society finally voted in Gundam Build Fighters after a friend of mine had been trying to sell it to us for a year I wasn’t particularly excited.

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12 Days of Anime #11: How Pokemon Sun and Moon succeed where Uranium failed

Over Summer I made the, arguably bad, decision to play the fangame ‘Pokemon Uranium‘. This was, in part, due to me not having played a Pokemon game in about 10 years and being very interested in the slow reveal of info about Pokemon Sun and Moon. In many respects Pokemon Uranium was an impressive fanwork, though ultimately, it was a game that was messy at best. As Pokemon Sun and Moon has now come out, and I have finished the main story of Moon, I think it’s well worth me looking at how Pokemon Sun and Moon compares to Pokemon Uranium, as I believe there is some overlap in how both of them use the standard Pokemon formula (as I know it).

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